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Recycling Panels for Solar Energy New York

Solar panels last for an average of 25 to 30 years. This allows for a long life as well as an extended return on investment. Solar panels are inherently eco-friendly. The panels you could use for solar energy New York can produce 100x the energy that is used to manufacture them. When you complete your New York solar installation, you’ll have confidence knowing that the carbon footprint of your home will be dramatically reduced.

And, when your panels reach their end of life, there will be options to recycle them. The recycling industry in America is starting to grow, with more major manufacturers committed to recycling their panels. This has been a major topic in the last year, especially as more homes and utility-scale groups convert to solar energy.

TerrePower is the latest group to invest heavily in solar panel recycling.

What’s New in Solar Panel Recycling?

TerrePower is about to become one of the largest solar panel remanufacturers in America. The company has recently completed a 20,000 sq. ft. remanufacturing project in Tennessee. The company will take old panels from the industry, and refurbish these so that they can be used in commercial and residential installations. The company was founded in 2021 and is already one of the most capable solar panel recyclers in the world.

The company will also refurbish EV batteries, giving it a two-pronged approach to recycling in the clean energy era.

TerrePower believes that reuse is more efficient than just recycling. By refurbishing the panels and materials that are still viable, the company will be more energy efficient overall. Some materials that can’t be reused will be broken down and recycled for use in the solar industry and other key industries.

According to the company’s data, recycling and refurbishing solar panels can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35%. Wanting to set an example to the wider energy industry, TerrePower uses refurbished panels at its facility, generating almost 40% of its monthly electricity needs from these.

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What About the Panels Used for Solar Energy in New York?

TerrePower will purchase end-of-life solar panels from around America, so if you get solar power in New York, it’s feasible that your panels could end up at a TerrePower facility one day. Although, ideally, TerrePower’s example would mean that manufacturers in the Middle Atlantic region will commit to similar programs. Recycling and refurbishing centers will be more efficient if they are located closer to major population bases where solar is widely used.

You will get a 25-Year warranty on panels for solar power in New York, so there will be ample time for the industry to expand before your solar panels are ready to be refurbished or recycled.

A New York Solar Installation is More Affordable Today

Affordability for solar energy New York has improved dramatically in the last decade. The price of solar panels is more affordable when looking at the cost relative to efficiency. There are also state and federal solar tax credits and incentives available that reduce the cost of switching to solar.

With New York Power Solutions, you also have the advantage of getting solar financing with no money down, and there will be an initial interest-free period based on expected tax credits. There hasn’t ever been a better time to make the switch to clean energy.

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