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What Does Energy Independence Mean for Your Home?

When discussing the benefits of solar power in New York, Energy Independence is a term that’s often used. While there’s usually some form of explanation, this isn’t always detailed enough to outline the underlying benefits of making the switch to solar.

In an industry where buzzwords are used often, it’s important that you understand exactly what you could get with solar panels at home. Let’s look at what it means to become energy independent, and why it’s one of the most important benefits overall.

Energy Independence and Home Solar

At its simplest, energy independence means being able to generate a significant amount of your electricity needs from renewable sources that you own and control. In the context of a solar panel installation, it means that a significant amount of your consumption will be supported by rooftop solar.

There’s more to it, and the details in this case are important.

  • Being energy independent means smaller electricity bills. Solar panels on your rooftop will generate electricity during the day. In many cases, this will cover your sunlight-hours consumption with excess left over.
  • You can sell the excess back to the utility company. You’ll receive credits on your utility account under New York’s Net Metering rules. These credits then help to cover your nighttime usage, as well as daytime usage during times of the year when solar production is lower. If you end a billing year with leftover credits, your utility company will send you a check.
  • Being energy independent can also mean that you are protected from grid outages, although this isn’t the standard for solar. To gain outage protection you will need to install a solar battery backup system. While this adds cost to the system, it can also improve savings in many cases. You can explore the viability when you have your consultation after your free home solar estimate.
  • You get more control and visibility when you are energy independent. Solar systems use smart technologies so you will be able to track things like electricity generation, usage, and exports to the grid through smartphone apps. If you get an optional solar battery, you can monitor and control this from an app.

Being energy independent means having more power over how you consume electricity at home. Over time, solar power generates a return on investment, with savings that go right back into your wallet. Even if you use SMART solar financing to get started, this can be paid off with plenty of life left in the solar panels. Most panels last up to 30 years, so the time available to enjoy the savings is significant.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

How Does SMART Solar Financing Work?

Our solar financing model is a split system where you can get solar with no money down.

An initial interest-free period will be based on your expected federal and New York solar tax credits. These reduce the real cost of solar, with the federal credit currently set at 30% of the total cost of installation. Once you receive your credits, the initial interest-free loan is paid.

Whatever’s left on your bill will be carried to a standard term loan. The interest rate will be competitive with the industry. We provide financing through our trusted partner, Sungage, one of the most experienced solar financing companies in New York.

Want to Get a Free Home Solar Estimate?

Your New York solar estimate is completely free. You’ll also get a detailed energy savings evaluation and a cost/benefit report so that you can see what solar is worth in the long term.

If you want energy independence, solar is the way to do it. Contact New York Power Solutions today to learn about all the ways that solar could benefit your family.