A New Bill Makes It Easier to Install New York Solar Panels

There are a lot of reasons to install solar power in New York. Government incentives, excellent savings, and environmental benefits are all reasons that people choose to get solar power in New York. But, if you live in a townhome

U.S. Manufacturer Gets a Huge Order for Solar Energy Installation

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 created tax incentives for solar manufacturing in America. It resulted in a significant rise in investment, with many international producers now setting up factories within the U.S.

The Real Benefits of a Cornwall Solar Installation

Over the last year, there’s been a significant rise in the demand for solar installations in Orange County NY. Most families transition to solar for financial savings, but there are other benefits to making the switch. If you’re thinking about getting a Cornwall solar installation

Scientists Discover New Material for Solar Power Solar Panels

The efficiency of solar power solar panels has steadily increased over time. Today, most panels used for solar power in New York reach an efficiency rating of around 22% to 25%. This measures how much energy is converted from the light that hits the panels.