Solar for Home Costs – Are they Worth the Savings?

For anyone following the news, it’s hard to ignore the articles surrounding the savings that are available with solar. Major networks have been running countless stories about solar since the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 was signed earlier this year.

Residential Solar Companies are Rapidly Expanding

If you’re considering solar power in New York, now is the best time to get connected. There are generous tax credits available, and the market is rapidly expanding. With more than a third of American homeowners now thinking about going solar, there’s going to be longer wait times in the near future.

Solar Financing in New York Made Easy

The cost of solar power in New York has decreased dramatically in recent years. Panels and components like inverters have become more efficient and more cost-efficient to produce. This translates to lower prices at the home

Residential Solar Companies See Huge Spike in Demand

It seems you can’t look at the news in 2022 without seeing a headline about solar panels. Solar power in New York and the rest of the nation is in high demand. The sudden spike in consumer interest has been covered extensively in the news, and residential solar companies are seeing increased order volume.