Solar Battery Storage Installation in New York

Solar Battery Storage Installation in New York

A solar panel system can last for decades, allowing ample time to regain the cost of investment and even generate a strong return. New York Power Solutions customers can enjoy, on average, a 15% to 25% return on the initial cost of investment.

In many cases, the addition of a solar battery storage system makes it even easier to recover the costs of solar and enjoy significant savings from month to month. Learn about solar battery storage, how it works, and the benefits that a battery wall can provide for you.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

A solar battery system, also known as solar battery storage or simply a battery wall, is a device installed along with your solar panels to store the electricity generated from the sun. Solar battery storage is actually an array of several batteries that are wired and controlled to safely store electricity and distribute it when it is needed.

Solar panels only produce electricity during the day. Solar battery storage can store the excess production to provide energy when panels shut down at night. This can reduce your reliance on the grid.

Battery walls can be connected to protected dedicated circuits in the home, including those that you use for appliances, lighting, or any other purpose, such as a home office.

Should You Invest in a Solar Battery System? Here’s What You Should Consider…

It isn’t necessary to have a solar battery system to have solar panels installed. The decision of whether to install a solar battery system is based on the potential savings and practical benefits.

  • If you want emergency backup power (this is very helpful in a state like New York), a solar battery system could protect you when the grid goes down in the evening.
  • If you have particularly high consumption in the evening while solar panels are off, a solar battery system could save you thousands in conjunction with net metering, because you’ll rely less on the grid.
  • If you have a complex utility rate, such as time of use charges or a rate based on grid demand, then a solar battery system could protect you from skyrocketing bills.

You can consider a solar battery system as a type of energy insurance policy. Whether it’s to protect your home or business from outages or reduce your reliance on the grid, it can improve the value that your solar installation returns in the long term.

Is Solar Panel Battery Storage Right for Every Home and Business?

While countless customers can make use of solar panel battery storage, it’s not ideal for every scenario. Homes with low energy demands might not see a huge return from battery backup. Customers that routinely export energy to the grid under net metering may not have any need for solar panel battery storage, at least from a financial perspective.

The decision to install solar panel battery storage should be made with all the relevant data. That’s why we provide detailed energy evaluations with a cost/benefit analysis. This includes a review of whether solar panel battery storage would be right for your needs.

We don’t push our customers to install solar panel battery storage if it doesn’t make sense.

We provide the information. You make the decision.

What Size Battery Wall Do I Need?

If a solar panel battery storage battery wall is right for your scenario, we’ll install a unit that is suited to your usage patterns.

A relatively modest solar panel battery storage battery wall can be used if you only plan to power a few specific circuits in your home. If you want to power your entire home from a battery wall in the evenings, then a larger system can be installed.

The key is to balance your energy usage needs with the cost over time. This is where our experts come in. Because we design solar solutions based on the end-user, rather than profits, we are your best choice for battery wall installation in New York.

How Does Battery Backup for Solar Panels Work in an Emergency?

In addition to providing electricity in the evenings when your system shuts down, your battery backup for solar panels can turn on when there is a grid outage.

New York’s grid is old and notoriously unreliable. Locals have all experienced outages, some lasting hours, others lasting days. Battery backup for solar panels can provide electricity even when the grid is offline. In the event of a natural disaster or grid problems due to severe weather, your battery backup for solar panels will recharge during the day and discharge at night. With solar panels on your roof, along with battery backup for solar panels, you will have electricity no matter what’s going on outside with the weather and the electrical grid.

This makes battery backup for solar panels the best way to power your home in an emergency. With a system sized for your needs, you’ll be able to run heating or cooling, your kitchen appliances, security system, lights, and outlets.

Unlike fossil-fuel generators, there’s no need to store gas, no fumes, and no fuss. Battery backup for solar panels works when you need it, and you can monitor storage and consumption from a connected smartphone app.

Get the Best Solar Battery Prices – Talk to New York Power Solutions for Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery prices depend on the size and specific model of battery backup for Solar Panels. We offer competitive solar battery prices on the installation of units from top manufacturers like Generac and Sonnen.

In addition to competitive solar battery prices, we also provide competitive quotes on complete solar installations. Whether you need a quote for solar battery prices on an existing system, or if you are starting from the ground up with solar, we have you covered.

Solar battery prices are affordable over the long term especially when combined with our versatile financing options. And, because we design and consult with the aim of saving you money, you’ll never pay high solar battery prices for a system that you don’t need.

Trust the experts in solar battery storage for great solar battery prices and the highest quality installation. Start with a free quote from New York Power Solutions today.

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