SunPower Solar or New York Power Solutions? Finding the Right Solar Provider

SunPower Solar or New York Power Solutions? Finding the Right Solar Provider

At New York Power Solutions, we are one of the first to commend our competitors for their achievements, and SunPower has undoubtedly done a lot of good for the market. However, our customers do appreciate choice, and we believe that we offer features and benefits that the largest companies like SunPower simply don’t have the flexibility to do.

Let’s look at why you should consider a local company like New York Power Solutions, and what we offer to differentiate our service from SunPower and others.

Going Local Has Its Benefits

SunPower is based in California and operates throughout the states with a network of tiered dealers and installers. SunPower makes the products and develops the work practices, but it doesn’t have direct oversight over the hands-on work that is eventually done at properties in New York.

Our business model is different. We are New Yorkers and are based here. We understand the needs of local consumers and have the freedom of flexibility to change and improve the way that we do business without going through a larger corporate. Our agility and the fact that we are familiar with the needs of the local market have set us apart from the competition, even big-name companies like SunPower.

To date, we’ve installed more than 5,000 solar systems throughout New York and have the positive testimonials to prove that our approach makes a difference.

We Have the Flexibility to Design Systems That are Right for You

The largest solar companies are publicly traded and are focused on the bottom line. We get it. Profitability and growth are important at companies like SunPower. But, this should never compromise what is being offered to customers.

SunPower operates in what can be referred to as a closed ecosystem. All products are designed in-house. When you install with a larger solar firm, the range of components and system approaches are limited. This compromises the flexibility of the solution that is eventually installed.

We have developed strong relationships with leading innovators in the solar industry. New York Power Solutions operates in an open ecosystem where the solution is always tailored to the project. For example, we have strong supplier relationships with both Generac and Sonnen, two of the leaders in battery storage technology. Rather than being limited to the products from either one, we can integrate a system that is focused on the project, regardless of brand.

This kind of flexibility ultimately means that when you purchase a solar system from New York Power Solutions, you get exactly what you need without compromise.

We are Fully Integrated

We aren’t just an installer. Like SunPower, we are integrated from the design and consulting stage right through to installation and maintenance. The difference is that you won’t deal with an authorized third party, you deal directly with us, and we’ll manage your installation and aftercare from end to end.

Our warranty coverage is competitive with all the largest solar companies in America. You can have solar installed in New York and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from 25-Years of warranty coverage.

We Understand Local Compliance

New York Power Solutions will handle the permitting process in-house, so you won’t have to deal with the stress of managing forms and applications. We have a deep understanding of compliance, and our systems are installed to code with all the paperwork complete.

We are licensed and insured in New York and all our installers are highly experienced, frequently upskilled, and fully vetted.

We Have Developed the SMART Solar Program to Manage Costs and Maintenance

We are focused on customer satisfaction. We don’t exist to generate ever-increasing profits. Our priority is that you get a solar system that is affordable, reliable, and capable of generating a return over time.

Our SMART Solar Program has been developed to ensure that your solar system is easy to use and manage. It also ensures that costs are managed from the installation and throughout the lifetime of your system.

The SMART Solar Program is based on six key aspects:

  • Every customer receives a free energy savings assessment with a cost/benefit analysis.
  • We actively monitor every customer’s connection to ensure reliability.
  • You can monitor consumption and other useful system stats from powerful smartphone apps.
  • We use low penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof.
  • We provide ongoing support through quality assurance and our on-call support staff.
  • Our 25-Year Warranty ensures your solar lasts and provides a return on investment.

Our unique SMART Solar Program sets us apart from local installers as well as big national brands like SunPower. New York Power Solutions is everything you could want from a well-established solar company but with the flexibility and personal approach of a business based right here in New York.

We Install Solar When It Makes Sense

While we aren’t pointing at SunPower here, it’s a fact that some solar companies will push for a sale rather than let you decide on your own.

We have a key philosophy here at New York Power Solutions…

We provide the information. You make the choice.

What does that mean in your case? It means detailed project management and accurate cost/benefit analysis so that you can see how much you could save with solar over time. We base our analysis on complex factors like the location of your home, the position of the roof, your energy usage patterns, and the type of appliances and devices that you use daily. Despite using these data points and more, we can provide a simple breakdown to show you exactly what life would look like with solar.

If it doesn’t make financial sense, we won’t push you to sign a contract. At the end of the day, we want every one of our customers to be happy with the investment in solar. This is only possible when the conditions are ideal.

If you’re looking for an alternative to SunPower or any other solar company, go with trusted locals first. New York Power Solutions is available to help you make the switch to solar in New York.