NYS Solar Incentives Keeping Solar More Affordable Than Ever

According to recent data reported by Stacker News and other major outlets, solar is now around 94% more affordable than it was in 1989. That’s a significant change in just a few decades, especially when you also consider the huge leaps in solar efficiency.

Another Huge Win for Solar Energy Solar Panels in America

Recent years revealed just how fragile the supply chain is for solar energy solar panels. Globalization has led to a complex string of manufacturers all producing individual parts and components, which means that any small disruption can become a big deal

These are the Reasons You Need to Install Solar in Peekskill in 2023

The demand for solar has been growing from year to year. As solar installations become more affordable, families are beginning to see even more value in making the switch. You might know that solar is overall beneficial,

Predicted Growth in Solar Panels for Sale

Supply chain related costs have been a problem for the solar panel industry over the last two years. But the issues are now easing, and the cost of solar materials fell at the end of 2022. Analysts are optimistic that there will be increased demand for solar panels for sale

Indiana Makes Landmark Ruling on Cost for Solar Rebates

The cost for solar in New York can be partially offset by Net Metering. This program ensures that you get paid for any electricity that you export to the grid. In New York, the market is highly regulated and Net Metering makes up a significant portion of the savings that are enjoyed.