How Do You Get No Money Down Solar in Sleepy Hollow?

When you want to get solar power in Sleepy Hollow, the cost is one of the major deciding factors. The cost of a home solar installation in Sleepy Hollow has come down in recent years, but it’s still a significant investment that should be considered carefully.

Could a Rusty Battery Improve the Efficiency of Generac Solar Batteries?

With New York Power Solutions, you can get solar power and a Generac solar battery system to provide increased savings over time. Batteries improve the efficiency and reliability of solar, and the technology continues to improve.

Making Sure You Have a Trusted Solar Panel Installer in NY

If you’ve ever invested in home improvements, you probably know that it can take some time to get a contractor that you can trust. With so many options, you need to be sure that the company you choose is reliable and able to deliver on its promises.

5 Easy Steps in the Highlands NY Solar Installation Process

How difficult would it be to install solar at your home? If you want to save money and gain energy independence, this is probably a question that you’ve asked a few times. Thankfully, the Highlands NY solar installation process is quite easy

California is Cutting Its Solar Incentives – How About Solar Incentives in NY?

California is one of the leading States when it comes to the use of renewable energy. With more homes using solar than anywhere else in America, the residential carbon footprint of almost 40 million people has been significantly offset.

A Free Solar Estimator Tool for Solar Power in New York

If you want to learn about the cost of solar power in New York, the best place to start is with a qualified installer. New York Power Solutions is a NYSERDA-Approved solar installer with more than 5,000 satisfied customers to date.

Install Solar in Marlborough NY with New York Power Solutions

Installing solar is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your family. With the help of New York Power Solutions, it’s also incredibly easy. If you’re ready to install solar in Marlborough NY, our team is ready to help.

New York Solar Incentives Can Help You to Make the Switch

Solar isn’t just a trend. It’s a major shift in how families and entire municipalities are generating electricity. From the smallest rooftop system to solar megaprojects, the environmental and financial benefits are too good to ignore.

Get Yourself a Roof Solar System for the New Year

The Holiday Season is upon us, and Christmas is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy time with friends and family, and also to plan ahead. Gift giving is probably on your mind right now, but what about getting a gift for yourself?

Three Questions You Should Ask a Beekman Solar Company

Solar power in New York is a fantastic investment that can save you money. With a system that is carefully designed for your needs, you will even generate a return on your initial investment. There is no other home improvement that can create the same long-term value as solar power in New York.