Do You Still Get the New York State Solar Rebate with the Federal Tax Credit?

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has provided a 30% federal tax credit on the cost of new solar installations. It’s helping to drive the demand for solar power in New York and elsewhere throughout the nation.

Federal Tax Credits Bolster NY State Solar Incentives

If you’ve been sitting on the fence when it comes to solar power in New York, the latest developments could convince you to make the switch. There’s no other better home improvement that you can make today

New York State Solar Incentives are Essential for the Solar Industry

If you’re in New York, you can offset the cost of your solar installation with NY solar tax credits and incentives. Government incentives help to ensure that more people can switch to solar, supporting families, businesses, and the wider industry.

California Just Spent $1 Billion on Battery Backup for Solar Panels

If you’re thinking about getting solar, you might have considered battery backup for solar panels as optional. But if you’re looking for the best efficiency and reliability, a solar battery will return value that goes far beyond the initial investment.

Will Government Investment Benefit Residential Solar Power Companies?

In the news this week we learned that the U.S. government has allocated billions to improve power transmission networks nationwide. That’s why so many New York residents are turning to residential solar power companies.

Senators Discuss Clean Energy Tax Cuts – Will it Affect Your NY Solar Tax Credit?

United States Senators have begun early bipartisan talks to review tax credits for clean energy initiatives. If you’ve ever considered solar power in New York, you might have seen the many generous state and federal NY solar tax credits available.