Is Primary Roof Solar the Only Option?

Take a drive around any neighborhood today, and you’ll see that many of the homes have roof solar installed. You’ve probably even noticed this in your own neighborhood. From the homes of Staten Island to the quiet towns along the Hudson Valley

Solar is Thriving – So Can You with New York City Solar Incentives

The solar industry is thriving today. With recent changes to America’s energy policy, manufacturers are bringing their solar operations to America, ensuring that the supply chain is secured for the years to come.

Solar is More Affordable with New York Solar Power Rebates

Your electricity bills will shrink when you have solar power in New York. A New York solar installation is one of the most effective ways to save money while also gaining energy independence. Solar has become increasingly more affordable in recent years.

Saving Money with the SMART Solar Program in Newburgh NY

In Newburgh, NY, you enjoy a perfect lifestyle for family living, business, and professional development. Newburgh perfectly combines an urban and suburban feel away from the bustle of NYC but close enough to be convenient. With the SMART Solar Program in Newburgh, NY, we’ve made it easy to switch to solar.