Protecting Yourself from Scams When Choosing a Solar House Company

Some disappointing news hit the solar industry at the end of last week. More than 50 residents in Cape Cod, Massachusetts found themselves left disappointed with Solar Wolf Energy, a company that promised to install solar power. . You can avoid scams and disappointment by choosing a leader in New York solar installations.

What is the Process for Ulster County NY Solar Installation?

Installing solar is simple when you choose the best Ulster solar company. At New York Power Solutions, we provide turnkey solutions so that you can enjoy affordable and reliable electricity at home. Take a look at our process to install Ulster County NY solar.

Do You Need Private Solar Energy in New York?

It’s great news that Staten Island is getting more energy storage for renewables. But is this something that you should consider for your home if it were available? What are the downsides of community solar, and what are the advantages of private solar energy in New York?

How to Save Money with Sullivan County Solar in NY

Solar is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to power your home. For New York residents, it’s also the most affordable. How exactly does Sullivan home solar save you money? Let’s find out…

NYS Solar Tax Credit and You

An investment in solar panels will free you from the ludicrous electricity prices in NY. As rates increase, the appeal of solar power in New York only increases. Through income tax benefits and other programs, you can reduce the real cost of your New York solar installation.

Is There a NY Tax Credit for Rockland County Solar Installation?

New York offers some of the best tax incentives for solar homes. If you’re curious about the incentives available for Rockland County solar, you can get help from the team at New York Power Solutions.

New York State Solar Incentives are Essential for the Solar Industry

If you’re in New York, you can offset the cost of your solar installation with NY solar tax credits and incentives. Government incentives help to ensure that more people can switch to solar, supporting families, businesses, and the wider industry.

Can You Find an Affordable Putnam County Solar Company?

With Putnam County solar you can say goodbye to huge electric bills. Solar will make your home more efficient, and the benefits typically increase over time as a system is fully paid off. . Can you get efficiency and affordability with a Putnam County solar company? Let’s find out…

Is it Possible to Get a Queens NY Solar Installation?

Your home in Queens is one of your most important investments, and you can improve its value over time. Learn how easy it is to get started with the best Queens solar company, and get your free solar estimate today.