Is There a Downside to Solar for Your Home?

Solar power in New York has become incredibly popular. Families are saving money and securing their energy independence. If you’ve been thinking about solar, you’ve probably wondered about the pros and cons.

Westerleigh Solar – Answering Your Questions for Solar Power on Staten Island

If you have a home in Westerleigh or surrounding neighborhoods like Graniteville or Port Richmond, you can make things more affordable with solar power on Staten Island. With renewable energy you’ll owe less to the utility company every month

Is Solar Worth it in Morris Park NY?

A solar home can be a more affordable home, and one that also generates savings over time. To know if solar is right for your home you need to ask the question: is solar worth it? For many families, solar is more than worth it.

What is Grid-Tied Solar?

When considering solar for your family home, grid-tied solar will be the best option for your needs. Unlike off-grid solar, a grid-tied system uses clean energy during daylight hours and then takes energy from the grid in the evenings.

New Survey Shows Solar Power Panels More Popular Than Ever

If you’ve noticed the solar power panels going up around New York, you’ve probably already got an idea of just how popular renewable energy is becoming. There has been a significant social shift in recent years with more people seeing benefits in clean energy.

Can You Add a Solar Battery to an Existing Solar System?

Solar batteries are becoming more common for homeowners installing their first solar system. When adding a solar battery, it’s possible to improve overall savings and reliability. If you already have solar power at home

Will I Get Paid for Solar in New York?

Installing solar gives you real energy independence, allowing you to take control of your finances and the way that you use electricity at home. One of the best parts of installing solar is the savings

Does More Solar Mean Cheaper Solar?

According to the most recent estimates, up to 30% of the world’s electricity could be generated by solar panels by the year 2030. It’s quite an amazing statistic

Is it Time to Call a Solar Installer? Analysts Think So!

While the stock market isn’t the best indicator of the wider economy, it can help us to develop insights into what’s driving certain industries. This week, JP Morgan was bullish on solar power stocks

Is There a Federal Solar Tax Credit Available to New York Residents?

With the help of the federal solar credit, you can enjoy a reduction on the amount of income tax that you would owe. This helps to offset the cost of solar