Will You Get a Solar Panel Warranty with Your Installation?

A solar panel warranty can give you confidence in your investment. Learn about the SMART Solar Program and warranty with New York Power Solutions and get your estimate.

Does Tesla Solar Have an Emergency Battery?

Learn more about your solar installation with Long Island Power Solutions. Does Tesla solar have an emergency battery? Find out in this guide.

Get a No-Risk Free Solar Estimate in Wallkill NY

An investment in solar power can pay off. Solar limits the amount of energy you buy from your local utility company, resulting in savings over time. The average solar system will pay for itself in savings, within the first ten years of ownership

New York’s Legislature Supports Solar Power Service Providers and Customers

There’s a growing number of solar power service providers in New York. The team at New York Power Solutions is proud to be a leader within a growing industry that is creating thousands of jobs and generating countless savings for families like yours.

White House Vetoes Bill for Solar Tariffs – Will This Change How You Buy Solar?

The solar energy market has been expanding year on year, and America is still working to catch up to foreign producers of solar panels. Today, America imports up to 80% of its solar panels from overseas. A growing number of manufacturers

Does Tesla Have an Emergency Battery for Solar?

Tesla Solar is one of the best ways to get renewable energy for your home. With a solar installation, you’ll owe less to the utility company every month, allowing for significant savings over time. Solar generates a return on investment, making it one of the very best home improvements

Getting the Best Solar Battery for Your Home

While solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, adding a solar battery system to your home can provide even more benefits. However, choosing the best solar battery system can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to have a certified solar installer to guide you through the process.

How Many Watts to Run a House with Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries can add versatility to any solar system. With a battery backup system, you’ll enjoy greater savings as well as redundancy with backup power when the grid goes down. Batteries can add cost to the installation of solar power in New York,

How Many Solar Panels to Power a House?

When it comes to installing solar, one of the most important parts of the process is determining how many solar panels to power a house. Each home is unique and has different energy requirements, but there is a standard figure that most installers start with when designing solutions.

How Does the Sun Produce Energy?

Solar energy is referred to as being free and abundant. While this is true in a technical sense, to convert sunlight into electricity, there is some cost involved. But that cost, comparatively speaking when thinking about utility companies, is relatively low.