Electricity Rate Hikes Aren’t a Problem When You Have Solar Power

Living in New York, the high cost of electricity is something that people begrudgingly come to expect. While New York is a wonderful place to be, the taxes, traffic, and utilities are hard to live with. In the last two years,

Should You Buy or Rent Solar Panels?

If you already have solar panels in Westchester County, you’ll enjoy the savings they provide. With smaller utility bills, solar offers a great return on your investment. A standard rooftop system can more than pay for itself over its 25 to 30-year lifetime.

Your Power Meter Will Spin in Reverse with Solar Power in New York

One of the most unique benefits of going solar is that you can share your electricity with the grid. With Net Metering, your power meter will spin in reverse on sunny days. This is a key aspect of home solar, and it will contribute significantly to the savings that you enjoy over the lifetime of your system.

Free Solar Monitoring Apps with New York Power Solutions

Signing up for solar with New York Power Solutions will give you cost-efficient and reliable energy for your home. Solar is all about savings, with rooftop systems able to deliver a return on investment over the total installation cost.

Getting the Financials Right for Your Nyack Solar Installation

Getting solar for your home is a big deal. You can save money with a Nyack solar installation, at least when it’s done right. To get the best return on investment from solar power, you will need a system that’s just right for your home

Is There a Downside to Solar for Your Home?

Solar power in New York has become incredibly popular. Families are saving money and securing their energy independence. If you’ve been thinking about solar, you’ve probably wondered about the pros and cons.

Will Your Roof Handle a Solar installation in Rye Brook NY?

Rye Brook is a wonderful corner of Westchester County with extensive greenery and idyllic neighborhoods. It’s exactly the type of place where you can live and appreciate how natural beauty and modern life can come together gracefully

Is Solar Worth it in Morris Park NY?

A solar home can be a more affordable home, and one that also generates savings over time. To know if solar is right for your home you need to ask the question: is solar worth it? For many families, solar is more than worth it.

What is Grid-Tied Solar?

When considering solar for your family home, grid-tied solar will be the best option for your needs. Unlike off-grid solar, a grid-tied system uses clean energy during daylight hours and then takes energy from the grid in the evenings.

New Survey Shows Solar Power Panels More Popular Than Ever

If you’ve noticed the solar power panels going up around New York, you’ve probably already got an idea of just how popular renewable energy is becoming. There has been a significant social shift in recent years with more people seeing benefits in clean energy.