The Most Trusted Solar Panel Company in New York

If you’re looking to go solar this year, New York Power Solutions is the company that can make it all happen. With more than 5,000 installations completed already, we’re the most trusted solar panel company in New York.

Who are the Best Solar installers in My Area?

If you’re looking to get installed with solar power in New York, the first place to start is with a search for solar installers in my area. That search has led you here, the home of New York Power Solutions. We’re a trusted installer of solar power in New York with a dedicated team and more than 5,000 completed projects to date.

The Benefits of Flatbush Solar

Although there are plenty of densely populated areas in Brooklyn where private solar panels would be unfeasible, there are just as many neighborhoods where solar makes perfect sense. Flatbush is one of them. Flatbush solar is ideal for standalone family homes

NYS Solar Incentives Keeping Solar More Affordable Than Ever

According to recent data reported by Stacker News and other major outlets, solar is now around 94% more affordable than it was in 1989. That’s a significant change in just a few decades, especially when you also consider the huge leaps in solar efficiency.

Another Huge Win for Solar Energy Solar Panels in America

Recent years revealed just how fragile the supply chain is for solar energy solar panels. Globalization has led to a complex string of manufacturers all producing individual parts and components, which means that any small disruption can become a big deal